Weekly Market in Riccione

Weekly Market in Riccione

Smart shopping at the weekly market in Riccione

Riccione is famous for its Shopping Offers . In addition to the great boutiques and shops in the city center, many of them branches of large Milan and Bologna shopping temples, the weekly street market attracts the bargain hunters.

The market is held every Friday morning at 8:00 – 13:00 clock, about half an hour from 3 star Hotel Baden Baden and from the beach, between Via Diaz, Via DG Minzoni, Via Minghetti and Viale Ceccarini. In this square the hawkers are close together with their stands. Great bargain bins dominate the narrow aisles between the offers. Feels like half the city is there to rummage for deals. Light clothing makes the heat under the umbrellas and roofs bearable. Beachwear as underwear makes trying on clothes much easier.

The offer is varied and very reasonably priced. Women’s and men’s clothing, sportswear, pants and shorts, blouses and shirts, sweaters and jackets of all kinds, underwear and beach clothes, bikinis and swimsuits. Leather goods, jackets and coats but especially bags, shoes and belts are offered at good value. Often you can find models from the previous year for a few Euros. Local manufacturers come here to sell their B-quality on local street markets.
You will also find home textiles, table cloths, blankets, rugs and carpets, and household goods from the bulb and the Bialetti espresso machine to Parmesan graters and all kinds of tools. In between smartphone and tablet cases and accessories, hats and jewelery are almost hidden in the huge offer of the market.

Pay attention to your valuables! The weekly market with its pushing and shoving is ideal for pickpockets.
Don’t forget to take a receipt for anything you buy. The financial police, easily seen in their uniforms, monitors especially the markets. Anyone found without a receipt but with goods has to expect a significant and noticeable penalty. This is true not only for sellers but mainly for the buyer!

How to get to the weekly market

By foot the weekly market in Riccione is about 30 Minutes star away from your 3 Hotel Baden Baden. Faster and more convenient are the bikes that you can borrow for free at the hotel. Reserve the bikes the day before, as many are attracted to the street market.
Drive or go from the hotel into town, northwards. You can walk down Viale Gramsci but you should bike on Via Trento et Trieste: It is a one way road in the direction you are headed. On Via Martinelli, turn to the left. Follow the road to the large parking lot at the station. Here you can pass under the railway tracks easily. On the other side of the tracks cross the road and follow the Via Diaz. 4 blocks away starts the weekly market, which is not to be overlooked.
The train shuttle runs Friday from Piazzetta San Martino, about 3 minutes from the hotel, and the weekly market.
Parking around the market is very hard to find. The nearest car park is at the train station, about 10 minutes away from the market.

Impressions from the weekly market in Riccione