Mountain Biking in Riccione

Mountain Biking in Riccione

Riccione and the beaches of the Adriatic coastline are known for their clean sand, warm water, incredible food, opulent shopping and night life. Too few visitors know that the region is also famous for mountain bike tours through the foothills of the Apennin with picturesque villages and old castles and palaces.

For mountain bike enthusiasts, your 3 Star Hotel Baden Baden organizes mountain bike tours into our beautiful hinterland together with our friends of MTB SAFARI ROMAGNA (MTB expert guides). Please ask our staff for tour details and renting of bikes and accessories.

From the coast you can reach in a short time, a number of ancient villages, each with its own history, castles, palaces, churches, artwork, traditions, and pass through the hills and the mountains crossing the countryside with its meadows, rivers and forests.

The foothills of the Apennines, the hinterland, are a succession of surprises about ingenuity of the men and the different natural environments that characterize the area. You see the coastline on one hand and the mountains on the other. In the villages along the way you find bars and restaurants with wonderful local food and local arts & crafts offers.
The guides from MTB ROMAGNA SAFARI will help you to discover the hidden paths behind the sea. They take you to places full of history, from the Middle Ages to WW II retracing the Gothic Line. Their tours take you from from Valmarecchia, through the Conca valley and the Metauro, to arrive at the foot of Monti Carpegna and Nero among farmhouses, churches, mystical places and great restaurants.

Here are some of the beautiful tours:

The kingdom of Malatesta

From the sea, along the Conca River along the beautiful path, we will reach the ancient village of Montefiore, where there is one of the best preserved Malatesta fortresses.

Distance: 52 km
Altitude difference: 400 m

The ascent of Titan

We bike through the countryside of the Marano River valley to arrive at the top of Mount Titano, one of the peaks of San Marino, one of the world’s oldest republics and a great day trip destination for numerous tourists.

Distance: 70 km
Altitude difference: 1100 m

The way of wheat

Through hills and farmlands we will visit San Giovanni in Marignano, the ancient agricultural area called “the breadbasket of the Malatesta”, pass by Gradara, the village of “Paolo and Francesca”, until we face the impressive cliffs of Mount San Bartolo.

Distance: 48 km
Altitude difference: 400 m

On the trail of Rome

Rimini, one of the cradles of ancient Roman civilization, rich in monuments and artifacts, is the entrance to the bike path that runs alongside the bed of the river Marecchia. Our route takes us to wonderful Verucchio, a charming medieval town built on a hill from which you can admire the entire Adriatic coast.

Distance: 65 km
Altitude difference: 350 m

The biker’s gym: San Bartolo Park

We leave Riccione along the seafront to Cattolica and Gabicce Monte. From here begins the San Bartolo Park, a picturesque natural protected reserve, but also rich in vineyards and intersected by a network of paths. For the wildest bikers it is a real gym to train and test their skills, for all other a fantastic experience.

Info and reservations:
For more information and reservations go to MTB ROMAGNA SAFARI

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