Riccione beach walk II

Riccione beach walk II

Strolling along the waterfront to Misano Adriatico

Beach vacation Riccione is always fun. Clean sand, warm water, sunny, blue skies make a beautiful vacation spot on the Adriatic coast.

Today we take a photo walk together along the waterline southwards to Misano Adriatico.

We start at our favorite beach section no. 52 “Papaya Beach”. The beach is professionally maintained and cleaned and you find free changing rooms courtesy of your family Hotel Baden Baden, ping pong table and fitness equipment, Italian magazines, swing and beach chairs and tables shadowed by a big beach umbrella, hot and cold showers and toilets. You can rent beach lounges and chairs and umbrellas. Beach lounge and umbrella are already included in our All inclusive summer specials.

You can watch other holiday guests walking up and down the waterline. Today we join them for a walk southwards towards Misano Adriatico. The walk is about 2.5 km one way and takes about one hour.
It is easier to walk in the morning because low tide makes for a bigger stretch of sand to walk along. And you can enjoy walking with your feet in the water on the close by sandbanks.

The first noticeable building you see is an old kids hostels now used as a turtle hospital.
We will see a few of these old hostels along our way. They are from the 1950s and 1960s. The Italian state used to send children from poor families to beach vacation in these hostels.
It is worth stopping here for about 30 minutes to watch the turtles and help with a small donation.

Next on our trip is the Riccione beach arena is a beach sports complex to play the Italian favorite paddle ball. Paddle ball is somewhat similar to badminton. But it is played with a wooden paddle and a tennis ball. Riccione beach arena is open from morning till late night. When it gets too hot to play during the day you can come back at night.

Along our way we see the Riccione beach sailing school. The “Centro Velico Citta di Riccione” can be found between the beach sections no. 24/25. Depending on the time of your walk, you can see the kids take off or come in.

Old kids hostels in Riccione

There are several old children’s hostels along the beach in southern Riccione. They were build in the 1950s and 1960s when few tourists found their way to this southern spot. The Italian state financed poor children’s beach vacations. They were all dressed in blue uniforms for boys and pink uniforms for girls and watched by nuns in their habitat. They would play in the sand oder in smaller groups in the water and walked around the city in double lines.
Now the hostels are closed and the buildings are abandoned. The big old blue building right on the beach is still a special site.

On the southern beach of Riccione you find a lot of public beach access. They fill usually on the weekend.

Misano Adriatico

Riccione beach section no. 1 starts where Misano Adriatico ends.
You can tell the Misano beaches by the big rocks acting as wave breakers in front of the beach. In the 1970s a big storm “stole” beach from Cattolica in the south to Riccione in the north. Misano Adriatico and Cattolica had to build wave breakers to gain the beach back. Unfortunately the waterline is mostly blocked by big blocks of stone with deep water access at every beach section.

From the restaurant right next to Riccione beach section no. 1 you have a nice view of Riccione.

Riccione beach walk south