Special weeks All-Inclusive 2020

€ 55/day

Stay with us in May, June or September and enjoy our “all-inclusive” offer:

  • Free drinks with meals (water, wine)
  • Free sun lounge and umbrella at beach section no. 52
  • Guarded parking 24h .

In the period 03.06 – 14.06
€ 413,00 per person full week all inclusive
In the period 20.06 – 04.07
€ 448,00 per person full week all inclusive
In the period 05.07 – 31.07
€ 525,00 per person full week all inclusive
In the period 01.08 – 08.08
€ 532,00 per person full week all inclusive
In the period 29.08 – 05.09
€ 476,00 per person full week all inclusive
In the period 13.09 – 20.09
€ 385,00 per person full week all inclusive

Additional cost for single room: + € 3 per day for all special offers.
Regular children discounts apply.

Riccione in May and September

Many guests consider the early and late season in Riccione the best of the year. The city and the beaches are much quieter than during the summer months. The weather is very pleasant without the typical summer heat waves. In May and early June the Adriatic waters are quite refreshing while in September the water, heated up over the summer, is pleasantly warm.
Not only are hotel prices more affordable in the early and late season, restaurants and shops also have special offers. You can still find a table in your favorite restaurant or bar. Dance floors are not as crowded as they are during the high season.

Riccione in the winter

Riccione visitors are looking for warm sunny days at the warm waters of the Adriatic. While the water will still remain quite warm and the Riccionese, the people of Riccione, will enjoy a pleasant Fall, the touristic part of the city is closed until Spring of next year.
Hotels and shops are renovated for the new guests next year and all the people who worked very hard during the Summer season, some of them putting in more than 12 hours a day including the weekend, take a much desired vacation and recover from the busy months before.
A seasonal town like Riccione shows two very different sides each year. From May to September it is a very busy town with tourists outnumbering the about 34.000 inhabitants by a factor of 2-5. When the guests leave, the Riccionese have the town to themselves. The tourist part of the city, near the beach, is deserted like a ghost town. About one family per building lives there to watch over their property. But thousands of guest rooms wait patiently for the new season and new guests to arrive.